If you have tried at making your own custom call jig out of wood or plastic or whatever and it didn’t work out as planned and you are ready to get a custom jig made, we offer various ways to go about this. We can take your CADD files or custom toneboard in either wood, acrylic, or delrin and by use of a shadowgraph, make a digital copy of your toneboard. This allows us to get a perfect radius for perfect duplications.

Once your jig is completed, we will send it off to heat treat where they harden it to 60 rc for years of use. Since our jigs are made in two pieces, the distortion during hardening is VERY minimal. Once piece jigs tend to twist more due to being an L shape.  This also allows for easier cutting and in turn a lower cost for our customers. We are able to heat treat our jigs before cutting if you desire this, but you really are just wasting money.

After heat treating, our jigs are double checked for tolerances, sandblasted and cleaned up, checked for burs in the threads, and have new hardware installed before being shipped to you!