Barrel Blank #2106


Thermal Reactive Black to Brownish Orange

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This  includes the exact barrel blank  shown in the picture. Barrel blanks are 3″ +/- 1/8″. The outer diameter is 1.610″. Due to the casting process, there may be minor surface imperfections and minor truing of the blank and/or tenon may be necessary although these should not effect sound quality. Due to the casting process, inner bore may not be perfect center so minor truing of the blank may be necessary. Please read our Acrylic Info page for all information about our blanks.

Thermal Reactive!!!!

A Pintail Waterfowl Original! Thermal reactive blanks are made from heat sensitive pigments. This means that as the blank changed temperature, so does the color of the blank. The normal change is around 89 degrees, although some colors change at 72 degrees.

When you are hunting and your call gets cold, it will become one color. as your hand, mouth, and breath warm the call, it will change colors.

For the most dynamic change, as in our video, we warmed the blanks very lightly with a hair dryer until the had achieved full color. Then dumping ice water on them causes them to change very quickly.

The color change effect should last the lifetime of the call but lots of sun exposure can make the effect less dynamic.

We have 22 different thermal reactive pigments available. If you don’t see the color you want, click here to custom order them!


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