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Custom Jig Service



This is a service, where we make a custom jig from your toneboard. While most take 4-5 weeks it can take up to 8 weeks from the time we receive your toneboard or CADD file.

Our custom toneboard jigs are made to order to your specs. We begin my digitally mapping the toneboard shape and radius within 30 thousands. They are then cut and drilled then checked for fitment of the toneboard. After they are complete we harden them to 60 rockwell so they will last!  Finally, we sandblast them and clean them up then check fitment again, then we apply a black oxide coating on the jig to help protect it from rust. They will handle abuse from normal blades and files but carbide blades or diamond files over 60 rockwell will damage the jig. *Note-some harbor freight files are 63 Rockwell.

Our jigs are a two piece design allows us to keep a lower production costs. By using this two piece design, we can cut the jig before heat treating. There is virtually no change in the jig during heat treating like you get from a solid piece jig. This saves significantly on production costs. If you insist, we can harden your jig before cutting for an addition $100.

The steel used for our jigs is top quality 1018 steel. Our jigs are manufactured in a local, high precision machine shop before being sent out to one of the best heat treat facilities in the state.

Please allow up to 8 weeks turn around time although most jigs run around 4-5 weeks. After ordering you must send us your toneboard (wood, acrylic, etc) and/or plans/CADD files (IGS or DXF). Your toneboard will be returned when we send your jig. Please do not include reeds/cork with your toneboard.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Our set screws are now set to the back between the bolts that hold the top to the bottom. This is done to NOT put pressure on the cork notch. If you want the set screw in a specific location you must tell us before hand (there is no additional charge for this). There will be a $50 charge (plus shipping) to redrill and tap the hole after the jig is completed.

We drill all our jigs at 5/8″ exactly, no matter if your insert is a hair over or under. If you require a specific bore, you MUST let us know before hand. There may be an additional charge for odd sizes, depending on tooling.

We make the back of the jig, so your supplied insert fits. Meaning, the back of the jig, simulates a barrel. We don’t taper the 5/8″ hole unless you ask. We DO sometimes counter bore the back of the jig. It all depends on the distance from the back of the cork notch to the taper or keg. The counter bore doesn’t affect anything, except the depth where your insert stops in the jig. This is very common on inserts with a very small distance between the back of the cork notch and the start of the taper/keg. The back of the jig is typically around 1/4″ thick, so inserts with a very short distance between, will not sit far enough into the jig without the counter bore. If we just made the back of the jig thinner, instead of counter boring it, the screws that hold the top to the bottom, would be hit when cutting.


The $230 price covers 99% of all our jigs. Some jigs with extreme radius cuts or special cuts may have a small extra fee. If you want additional set screws please let us know ahead of time.  Feel free to inquire before ordering if you want to be sure.

PLEASE: This service can take up to 8 weeks. We will let you know when the jig ships out. Please do not email us constantly to ask the status. If there is a problem we will contact you. The toneboard you send us MUST BE YOURS or you need to include WRITTEN PERMISSION from the ORIGINAL CREATOR of the toneboad. We will NOT knowingly make a jig from someone else’s toneboard!

We are also able to make other jigs such as predator jigs, so feel free to inquire about these as well!

PLEASE NOTE: We insure all packages going to you, but we are unable to insure inserts as insurance only covers purchased items and upon making a claim, we are required to show proof of value and receipt. We do everything we can to make sure your insert gets back to you safely, and we retain the CAD files for your jig upon completion, in case it ever needs to be cut again, but we are unable to insure your insert again breakage or loss during return shipping.


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