Pintail Waterfowl P2 Public Duck Call Jig


P2 Public Jig

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After high demand, we have decided to re-release our P2 public jig. This jig is very similar to our original P1 public jig, but it has a slightly moreĀ aggressiveĀ toneboard radius. We would define it as a cross between open water and timber. It is a middle of the road, all around sound, and a favorite by many. The P2 isn’t quite as defined as our public jig and intended more for those with some call making experience as it will most likely require a little more tuning. The P2 works for both a single or double reed call.

P2 made by Brandon Petty

The p2 features a slightly tighter cork notch than our public jig so more care must be taken when inserting cork. The overall length is 2.25″ inches (57mm to be exact) with a 5/8″ bore. From the back of the cork notch the tone channel length is roughly 45mm. There is a slight taper on the back allowing for easier insertion of your insert. The set screw is set back as to not push down on the cork notch. The jig is hardened to 60 rockwell.

To see the differences between the P1 and P2 jig, click here.


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