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Pintail Waterfowl manufactures custom and public duck call jigs for use in custom call making of duck calls and goose calls. Our duck call jigs are made from steel, hardened to 60 rockwell, then sandblasted for a nicer finish and many years of use. What makes our duck call public jigs stand out from other public jigs on the market, is instead of just cutting a radius on a jig and selling it, we prototyped a custom call jig and released it as a public jig. This means you can have a finished toneboard with minimal work which makes it easier for beginners but there is still plenty of room to make the sound your own for veteran call makers. Pintail Waterfowl also offers a flat or blank jig. This jig allows for you to cut your own radius then have it hardened. It is essentially a custom jig for the do it yourselfer. The jig separates into two pieces for easy access for cutting. We soon will be offering poly carbonate inserts as well!

Pintail Waterfowl also offers custom cast call blanks. We have pre-cast colors available in our store or can custom cast any color acrylic you would like. We even have glow in the dark duck call blanks. We offer our barrel blanks with the 5/8″ hole already cast in them. Our insert blanks already have a 5/8″ tenon. This speeds up call making and requires less tools to make calls. ¬†We can also custom cast solid acrylic rod with or without the 5/8′ hole, in two diameters.