Duck Call Jigs, Cast Acrylic Blanks, And Call Making Supplies
M-F 11am-7pm EST

Pintail Waterfowl manufactures custom and public duck call jigs for use in custom call making of duck calls and goose calls. Our duck call jigs are made from steel, hardened to 60 rockwell, then sandblasted for a nicer finish and many years of use. What makes our duck call public jigs stand out from other public jigs on the market, is instead of just cutting a radius on a jig and selling it, we prototyped a custom call jig and released it as a public jig. This means you can have a finished toneboard with minimal work which makes it easier for beginners but there is still plenty of room to make the sound your own for veteran call makers. Pintail Waterfowl also offers a flat or blank jig. This jig allows for you to cut your own radius then have it hardened. It is essentially a custom jig for the do it yourselfer. The jig separates into two pieces for easy access for cutting. We soon will be offering poly carbonate inserts as well!

Pintail Waterfowl also offers custom cast acrylic call blanks. We have pre-cast colors available in our store or can custom cast any color acrylic you would like. We even have glow in the dark duck call blanks. We offer our barrel blanks with the 5/8″ hole already cast in them. Our insert blanks already have a 5/8″ tenon. This speeds up call making and requires less tools to make calls.  We can also custom cast solid acrylic rod with or without the 5/8′ hole, in two diameters.

Latest Pintail News

Site Updates

We are doing some updates to the site software and payment systems, so please bare with us while we complete these changes.

April 1st-15th partial shutdown

March 31st will be the last day for custom acrylic orders until April 15th when we resume casting again. Large orders over 20 pieces must be placed no later than Wed march 26th to be completed and shipped by the 31st.

Our office will be closed from April 9th through the 14th resuming the 15th. Most of our staff will be on vacation during that time, although orders placed through the website during this time will continue to ship as normal. There may be some delays with warranty or special orders during this time. We will be available by email during this time so that will get the fastest response. We will return phone calls placed after the 9th, beginning on the 15th.

  • April 1st-14th Casting will be shut down.
  • April 9th-14th Office will be closed.
  • Web orders will ship as normal
  • Warranty shipping may experience delays between the 9th and 14th
  • Phone payment ordering will be unavailable from the 9th-the 14th
  • We will be available via email the entire time with normal response times

New for 2014!

2013 was an excellent year and I would like to thank everyone for their support and appreciate their business. Pintail has grown and changed considerably over the past couple years and we plan to continue that growth into 2014.

We wanted to let you know some of the things we have in the works for the new year. one are 100% set in stone, but all are definitely on the table.

New products we are working on for 2014:

  • Acrylic liquid abrasive finishing kit
  • Bands
  • Goose Call Blanks
  • Turning tools
  • Wood Blanks
  • Pre turned and tuned acrylic inserts
  • P3 Public Hybrid Jig (easily used for timber or open water, single or double reed)

Production Increases:

  • Add an additional casting booth to double casting ability
  • Stepping up production to full capacity

Inventory Control:

  • Casting double of most colors
  • Dedicated machine for making jigs (already in place)
  • Having a back stock of at least 25 P1 and P2 jigs at all times

Website Improvements:

  • Upgrade all store software
  • Fixes to site navigation
  • New look for the site
  • Message Forum
  • Live Help
  • Extended Support Hours
  • Completely redo and finish sister site with videos and more info

So as you can see, we have quite a bit planned for 2014. We have already begun work on a lot of these to make a big push to have them completed by mid-summer/fall of 2014.


Latest Testimonials

Dude ive tried on an old jig and never could get it to work. But with urs. Im in love. I just practiced on a piece of dale rod and it works.

-Sam Brewster

Ryan, I really appreciate the time you spend sharing your experience with me. I love the fact you are focused and dedicated to small businesses. Good to know there are more ppl like that. Which is why I will continue giving you my business. From your help and products I have learned a lot in a short time. Thanks to you guys and girls, my business is starting on the right path. Keep up the good work bro. Thanks again. And God bless

-Kenneth Floyd

Have been making calls for 10 years and decided to take the next step making my own inserts. Great jig was frustrated at first but it has taught me a lot how calls work and should sound. Thanks Pintail for a great product.

-Curl Collectors