Pintail Waterfowl manufactures custom and public duck call jigs for use in custom call making of duck calls and goose calls. Our duck call jigs are made from steel, hardened to 60 rockwell, then sandblasted for a nicer finish and many years of use. What makes our duck call public jigs stand out from other public jigs on the market, is instead of just cutting a radius on a jig and selling it, we prototyped a custom call jig and released it as a public jig. This means you can have a finished toneboard with minimal work which makes it easier for beginners but there is still plenty of room to make the sound your own for veteran call makers. Pintail Waterfowl also offers a flat or blank jig. This jig allows for you to cut your own radius then have it hardened. It is essentially a custom jig for the do it yourselfer. The jig separates into two pieces for easy access for cutting. We soon will be offering poly carbonate inserts as well!

Pintail Waterfowl also offers custom cast call blanks. We have pre-cast colors available in our store or can custom cast any color acrylic you would like. We even have glow in the dark duck call blanks. We offer our barrel blanks with the 5/8″ hole already cast in them. Our insert blanks already have a 5/8″ tenon. This speeds up call making and requires less tools to make calls.  We can also custom cast solid acrylic rod with or without the 5/8′ hole, in two diameters.

Latest Pintail News

2015 Pintail Waterfowl Call Making Contest


August 1st-September 30th call making period.
September 3oth is the deadline for call picture submissions!
October 1st judging starts.
October 7th winners announced.

How to Enter:

Contestants may enter one (1) Photo of the call of they are entering. You may submit pictures of calls by emailing them to Please put “Call Contest” in the header and make sure to include your full name (real name, not company name), city and state.

You may also enter by sending your picture via message on Facebook to Pintail Waterfowl’s FB page.

Pictures posted to Pintail Waterfowl’s FB page are not allowed as entries.


Calls entered in the contest will be judged on use of color, material, and craftsmanship of the call. You are encouraged to use a mix of different materials (resin/acrylic, bone, antler, wood, metals, etc). We want to see how far you can push your limits! While we are not judging on the quality of the photo, nicer photos represent the calls better and may play a role in your call getting noticed more by our judges. This contest is based soley on the picture of the call entrants submit and is not a chance based contest.


1st place – Plaque by James Ayers, P1 or P2 public jig, $25 Pintail Waterfowl gift code, $10 Havok Calls Gift Certificate, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands
2nd place – Plaque by James Ayers, $25 Pintail Waterfowl gift code, $10 Havok Calls Gift Certificate, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands
3rd place – Plaque by James Ayers, $10 Pintail Waterfowl gift code. $10 Havok Calls Gift Certificate, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands

1st place – Plaque by James Ayers, Set of fine & rough 5/8″ expanding mandrels, $25 Pintail Waterfowl gift code, $10 Havok Calls Gift Certificate, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands
2nd place – Plaque by James Ayers, $25 Pintail Waterfowl gift code, $10 Havok Calls Gift Certificate, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands
3rd place – Plaque by James Ayers, $10 Pintail Waterfowl gift code, $10 Havok Calls Gift Certificate, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands

Pintail Waterfowl Call Maker Of The Year – Custom Plaque by James Ayers, Pintail Waterfowl Custom Jig, $25 Pintail Waterfowl gift code, Bands from Ron Gould’s Custom Bands


Calls can be duck, goose, grunt calls, or any style of “tube” style calls.
Calls will be placed into the appropriate category as we see fit. If you want to compete in a certain category, feel free to let us know. We may look at other calls you have done to see your ability (so no entering beginner for you guys who have been turning for 10 years).
Must use a Pintail blank for at least half of the call. Premade style inserts are allowed.
Calls can be sleeved, laminated (with wood or other), etc as long as at least 1/2 (roughly) of the material is Pintail’s.
Calls can be plain, engraved, color filled, hand carved, banded etc.
We will not be judging on sound quality but calls should be a working call.
Submit 1 (one) picture of your best call
Pintail Waterfowls featured call makers are allowed to enter but are not allowed to vote.
By submitting a picture, you are agreeing to these rules and allow the picture submitted to be used in future marketing and advertising by Pintail Waterfowl, LLC.


Calls will be judged by our independant panal of 5 judges. I don’t believe in “FB voting” as a fair way to judge.
Callmaker of the year call will be chosen solely by Pintail Ryan.
In the event of a tie between judges, ties will be broken by being chosen by the business owner.


If you are caught cheating in any way you will be disqualified.
Calls that use less that 50% of Pintail’s material may be disqualified based on contest judges input.

2014/2015 Duck Call Making Contest

photo 4 (1) We are starting a new tradition with a call making contest. This is a TWO PART contest. To Enter, email us a picture of your best call to, made using Pintail Waterfowl Acrylic Blanks. You need to include your name with the picture. We will post all of these to a folder on Pintail’s Facebook page. Entries must be received no later than midnight EST SEPTEMBER 30TH 2014.

We will pick the top 5 calls entered to be semi finalists. Semi finalists will be chosen on October first and blanks sent out that week. Semi finalists will receive a free matched set of our choosing, to be made into a call for the finals.

Rules for the finals calls will be, use the acrylic to make a call of your style and choosing. You may laminate it with other acrylic and other wood. You can make any type of waterfowl call you choose. You do NOT have to use one of our jigs.

You will need to send us your completed call and it needs to be be received by OCTOBER 31st (Halloween) and we will announce the winner on NOVEMBER 5th. The calls will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to a youth hunting group (to still be decided).

The final winner will receive a $100 Pintail Waterfowl gift certificates as well as some Pintail swag. 2nd-5th place will receive Pintail gift certificates in the amounts of $75, $50, $25, $25 respectively.

Additional Rules:

Any type of call may be entered (duck, goose, grunt, predator, wood duck, etc)

Call must include acrylic from Pintail Waterfowl

Laser engraving is allowed.

Wood/acrylic laminating is allowed.

Site Updates

We are doing some updates to the site software and payment systems, so please bare with us while we complete these changes.

Latest Testimonials

I want to thank you personally for helping me start my call making business. I'm from NC, where there are a select few call makers. I chose the name "Old North Calls", which seemed fitting for our state. I purchased your P2 jig, and I am really liking the sounds that the jig is putting out. With a little tuning, I can get the calls to sound as good as the big name companies (no need to name). Also, I really like the acrylic you our making, so far the "Jack and Coke" has been my best seller. The material turns easy and polishes up beautiful. Thank you once again, you have my business!
                                                      God Bless You and God Bless Waterfowling,

-Caleb Brawley — Old North Calls

I absolutely love my P-1 jig. My calls have really been noticed since I have been making my toneboards with it. I have learned a lot since I bought it. Have developed a raspy and sassy sounding Mallard Hen Call. Thank You for being friendly and informative on the phone!

-Dan. Montgomery Tx.

Just purchased several of your barrel blanks. Made my first acrylic duck call barrel today and I just love it. Your blanks turned great and looked awesome. Thanks...PS Great video's

-David Oberbeck