Join Team Pintail

As of January 1st 2014 we will no longer have a typical prostaff. Our prostaff will now be made up of call makers around the world who use our products.

So you want to join Team Pintail? (Start by reading ALL of this)

This page has all the information you need to know. “Pro” staff doesn’t mean professional staff. It means Promotional staff. Sponsorship, and/or Promotional Staffing, are essentially a business relationship. You are essentially an unpaid sales rep for our company.

The first step is to review everything below, then send us an email, to and let us know what you can do for Pintail Waterfowl.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for great call makers! Call makers that use our jigs and/or our blanks. Call makers who compete or have teams that compete are even better! Call makers who stand out with great looking calls and take excellent pictures of their calls. Call makers who have a name, and a good name, in the industry.

A STRONG social media presence. A large following on Instagram as well as Facebook and others. YouTube is also a big plus. If you shoot video of your hunts and put them on Youtube or another site, that is also a plus. If you run or moderate groups on social media, that is also a plus.

If you work for or with any youth organizations, outfitters, or conservation groups, please include that.

How it works:

The way our program works, is we choose select call makers that we feel can help promote the brand the best in different states across the country and around the world. You should currently be using our products. We don’t want to have reps out there who don’t use our products.  You will get a unique promo code for special, staff only pricing on stuff like jigs, cork, reeds, and blanks.

You will be required to submit reports on what you have been doing to promote the Pintail Waterfowl brand. Failure to do this will result in removal. Posting pictures of your calls made, on Pintail’s Facebook page or submitted to us for use on the website is also mandatory. You should be tagging #pintailwaterfowl in your posts as well. Helping share Pintail’s posts is also something that can be done.

Those who really work to promote Pintail will be rewarded with better prices, free stuff, etc.

You can apply by sending your resume via email to Think of it like a job application. The more info you can give us the better.  We want to know what kind of person you are as well, as how you will be representing Pintail waterfowl. Spending 60 days in the woods is great, but it doesn’t help get our products in front of new customers. Links to all social media accounts is mandatory. You should also submit 3 pictures of the best calls you have made.