Blank Warranty & Return

We stand behind our products. If you have any problem with your blanks, please contact us. We will do anything we can to help resolve the issue, as we value our customers and want them to be happy. Due to the nature of the product, in most cases we will warranty the products although there are some cases in which we cannot.

Blanks damaged during shipping: Please check all inserts and blanks WHEN THEY ARRIVE for cracks or damage. If you find any damage, contact us within 10 days of arrival and we can give you a refund, or a store credit plus 10%. If you are placing another order shortly, we will be glad to include a replacement with your order. If none of those options work, you are welcome to go to USPS and try to get the insurance covered by them. We will need you to send us a picture of the damage or broken blank, as well as pictures of the box if it was damaged.

Blanks with flaws: If you find a blank with a flaw after 10 days of arrival, please contact us and we will determine if the flaw is done through manufacturing or customer handling. If the flaw was caused during manufacturing, such as a crack, dirt, or debris in the blank, we will credit you the dollar amount for the blank plus all or a portion of the shipping, or send a replacement at our discretion. We will need a picture of the blank with close ups showing the flawed spot. We may ask you to destroy the blank and send a picture as well.

Blanks that break or found flawed during turning: Blanks that breaks during turning may or may not be covered. Please contact us via email and include a picture of the breakage. If found to be flawed we will give you a store credit of the same amount. If the cause cannot be determined we will credit back up to 50% of the blank cost at our discretion. We will need a picture of the blank with close ups showing the flawed spot. We may ask you to destroy the blank and send a picture as well.

Blanks that break after turning: Unfortunately hand cast calls are fragile. We cannot cover breakage after a blank has been turned.

Blanks shorted on an order: If your order arrives and blanks are missing, please contact us and we will send them immediately. Please let us know if there was any damage to the box!

Flawed Blanks: Blanks sold as “flawed blanks” can not be covered during shipping or use. You will have to contact USPS for an insurance claim.

Custom Blanks: Custom blanks follow the same guidelines as above but also include color. If the colors are not what you expected, please let us know. We will allow you return the blanks and we will recast them or offer a refund or store credit.

Sun Damage: Our blanks do not have a UV stabalizer in them and can fade if left in the sun, such as hanging from a rear view mirror. Blanks are not warrantied from sun damage but if you experience this, please let us know.

Grass Blanks: Grass blanks WILL have air pockets. They are excluded from warranty for air pockets unless blank is beyond filling by CA glue at our discretion.

Returning Blanks We will accept returns on any UNUSED (not cut, turned, etc) blanks, excluding custom orders. You must contact us first before returning. We will not reimburse shipping on returned orders. If the blank has been cut, turned, altered in any way, we will not give you a credit back for it. Returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. We will NOT refund money for blanks that are damaged upon return shipping. It is up to you to package them safely and insure your return package. Refunds will be provided within 10 days of receipt.