pintailbfsale2015Don’t miss Pintail Waterfowl’s 5th Annual Black Friday Sale November 26th and 27th. Starting 9pm on Thanksgiving and all day Friday.

This is our biggest sale of the year and being our 5th anniversary, they will be the best they have ever been! Stock up on blanks (duck barrels, inserts, matched sets, even customs, jigs (P1, P2, Blank, & Custom), mandrels, cork & reeds, bags, and more.

Watch our Facebook page, starting at 9pm on Thursday for promo codes. Some codes will run for a certain amount of time, while others will run until a certain amount are sold.

This year we will be giving away a free gift to all orders over $100 and free gifts and free shipping to orders over $200. Also a special free gift to the largest order (based on dollar amount and product count). Free gifts to the first and free stickers for the first 10 orders each day!

  • Trivia Questions posted on Facebook with prizes, all day Friday!
  • Random giveaways – We will randomly pick orders for free products and free gifts!
  • Random order refunds – We will randomly pick an order to receive their entire order for free as well as refund money on a bunch of other orders.
  • Free shipping on random orders – We will randomly pick orders and refund your shipping.

We will combine orders and refund shipping on additional orders so you can catch all the deals and order as many times as you want!