Bulk Orders

If you want to place a bulk order, we offer discounts starting at 30 pieces. these currently cannot be placed online, so please email us with your order and we will send an invoice.

Shipping on Bulk orders is actual shipping costs. We can provide an estimate if you would like. Typically it is a medium or large flat rate box through USPS.com

This is for MINIMUM 30 pieces on EVERY order. If you place a bulk order then want to order 10 more at a later date, we will not be able to offer the discounted rate and you can place the order on our website.

The discount rates are as follows: (piece equals one 3″ barrel or one insert. Solid rod are 9″ and equal 3 pieces)

For different colored tips on barrels and/or inserts add $2 per piece.

If all pieces in the order are the same color we will discount the price an additional 2% (.02)

For orders greater than 200 pieces or configurations not listed, please contact us for pricing.

Example: If you order 30 barrels. 15 1 color, 10 at 2 colors, and 5 at 3 colors, you would pay $9 for the 1 color, $9.90 for the 2 colors, and $10.80 for the 3 colors.

Example 2: If you ordered 30 clear grass barrels with colored tips it would be $13.47/barrel ($11.70-2% discount for being the same color + $2/tip).

We realize this is not catch all pricing. Feel free to email us with any questions.