This year we will be having TWO separate contests. For more info on the Masters contest, click here. The main contest, will be similar to years past, except we will offer a discounted blank to all entrants. We will be choosing the color, but the blank can be purchased as a barrel, set, goose, grunt, solid rod, or turkey. At least 50% of your call, MUST be made from this color.

We will also be running a separate Masters contest which will be open to all past winners of Pintail’s contest. This includes all places and categories. Masters entrants are welcome to enter BOTH contests but must have different calls for each.


August 1st-September 30th will be the call making and submission period.
September 3oth is the deadline for call picture submissions!
October 1st judging starts.
October 7th winners announced.

How to Enter:

Call makers may enter one (1) Photo of the call of they are entering. One call per person. You may submit pictures of calls by emailing them to us at Please do NOT send them on Facebook as they reduce the quality too much. Please put “Call Contest” in the header and make sure to include your full name (real name, not company name), city and state. You may also tell us anything you want about the call you are submitting.

You may purchase the contest call blank here at a discounted rate!

Pictures posted to Pintail Waterfowl’s FB page are not allowed as entries.


Calls entered in the contest will be judged on use of color, material, and craftsmanship of the call. You are encouraged (not required) to use a mix of different materials (resin/acrylic, bone, antler, wood, metals, etc) BUT 50% or more of the call must be from our material. We want to see how far you can push your limits with our materials! While we are not judging on the quality of the photo, nicer photos represent the calls better and may play a role in your call getting noticed more by our judges. This contest is based solely on the picture of the call entrants submit and is not a chance based contest.

Calls can be duck, goose, grunt calls, turkey pot, or any style of “tube” style calls.
Calls should be newly made during the call making period. This is based on the honor system.
Must use a Pintail blank in the chosen color, for at least half (50%) of the call. Premade style inserts are allowed.
Calls can be sleeved, laminated (with wood or other), etc as long as at least 1/2 (roughly) of the material is Pintail’s.
Calls can be plain, engraved, color filled, hand carved, banded etc.
We will not be judging on sound quality but calls should be a working call.
Submit 1 (one) picture of your best call
Pintail Waterfowl’s featured call makers are allowed to enter and have no say in the voting process.
By submitting a picture, you are agreeing to these rules and allow the picture submitted to be used in future marketing and advertising by Pintail Waterfowl, LLC.


Calls will be judged by our independant panal of 5 to 7 judges. I don’t believe in “FB voting” as a fair way to judge. How many likes or shares do not play any role in voting.
In the event of a tie between judges, ties will be broken by being chosen by the business owner.

We will award places 1-3 for this contest.


If you are caught cheating in any way you will be disqualified.
Calls that use less that 50% of Pintail’s material will be disqualified.
Whining, complaining, bashing others will get you disqualified


Prizes to be announced shortly.