This is our FAQ’s section but with links and info to various questions we have. You can find more help, links, and videos, by clicking on the HELP dropdown link on the main site navigation bar.

Ordering Help

Your website isn’t taking my credit card! – We do not take cards directly on our site. It should transfer you to Paypals site. If that isn’t working, make sure all boxes are filled out/checked on the checkout form.

How do I get you my custom color? When ordering, select the amount of colors you want, then enter the colors in the box below that. If you need to send us a picture to match, you can do that as well to sales@pintailwaterfowl.com

Can I call in/email/Facebook you my order? All orders must go through the site except for custom orders of large quantities or products not on the site.

Jig Questions

What is the difference between the P1 and P3? There are too many differences to list here. You can hear sound files by going to the individual product pages.

What happened to the P2 jig? It was retired when the P3 was brought out. This keeps the market from getting flooded and helps the jigs retain their value.

Which jig is better for a beginner? The P1 is easier and more help available for it.

Blank Questions

My blanks showed up broken/cracked/etc. What do I do? This link here will answer those questions.

A color I bought before is no longer on the site. Can I get it again? Yes, you can custom order it and just give us the number if you have it as long as the pigment is still available.

Can I get a size blank/bore that isn’t on your site? Yes, just contact us and we should be able to do it.

Mandrel Questions

What collet chuck do you recommend? We recommend this one here

Do you make MT1/MT2 Taper mandrels? We do not.

Do you make expanding mandrels in other sizes? Currently we offer then in 1/2″. 5/8″, and 3/4″.