Monthly Blank Subscription

Each month you are subscribed, we will automatically send you out the number of blanks you choose. Blanks will be made at random. Blanks will be a mix of 1 to 4 colors. These will be made up of of our standard colors, random cast colors, real grass, or new, trial, or one off colors.

For subscriptions of 1 to 10 blanks, there will be no duplicates.
For subscriptions over 11 to 25 blanks, we may send duplicates (more than one of the same color, but this will make up no more than 20% of your box and no more than two of the same color will be sent. Example: of 20 blanks, you may received 16 random colors, 2 of one color, 2 of another color.

You will be billed for the number of blanks you choose. Blanks will be shipped out roughly 5 days after billing date. (This may be a bit longer the first month for larger orders). The following month, we will have them cast and ready to go ahead of time.

We can’t guarantee, that colors will be different from month to month. We will do our best to randomize colors, but short of writing down every color we send everyone every month, it would be very difficult to know what blanks people have received months prior.

You can cancel at any time and restart at any time, but numerous starts and stops may make you uneligble for this program as it is designed to be a continual monthly program.