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Deep Red

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Our bands are made from powder coated aluminum. Bands are 1/2″ Tall. They have an OD of 1.25″ and an ID of 1.125.

Due to the process of powder coating, bands have to be hung, so there is the possibility of some having a small numb on the edge of the band. We hand check every band before it leaves. Most of them have none or very minimal that it isn’t noticed. I am allowing for there to be a nub on one side, but not both. It is just part of the process. Bands are coated on the inside as well, due to the process, but you will see the marks from hanging on the inside. Sometimes, if it builds up enough, there might be a slight ridge that can be filed down if it is intrusive. The majority play no affect on the fitment of the band. I just wanted this info here, to be upfront and clear about expectations.

Tiny nub

Inside hanging marks


At this time, we are not able to do custom orders for bands or colors, although we will take suggestions on colors. What we have on the site is what we have. Some colors are limited edition and cannot be duplicated.