Custom Duck Insert Blank


Custom Duck Insert Blank

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Please describe IN DETAIL your choices. Please see long description below for more info!


How to order custom blanks: PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!

Due to the difficulty in the casting process, we can no longer cast tips on inserts.

Choose the blank size/shape – We cast in lots of sizes and shapes. If you don’t see the size listed, feel free to ask. We have done other sizes on occasion. We can cut these down to any length, free of charge, just add in into the description box.

Choose how many colors –  Enter the colors you would like in your blank. We can do up to 5 colors. Clear counts as one color. Glow counts as 2 colors but if you want the glow (normally a frost color) tinted, we do not charge additional for that.

Enter the description – Be VERY descriptive. We have hundreds of colors and shades of each color, from dark to light. We can add pearl to almost any color. We have metallic colors such as silver, gold, bronze & copper. Most colors can be cast as solid or transparent. You are welcome to reference our numbers. These should include if the number came from a barrel or set, etc. Glow comes in blue or green. The base color is almost a frost color. We CAN slightly tint these colors. This is no additional cost or color. Blue can be tinted blue, green can be tinted green. We have also tinted green glow yellow, orange, & pink successfully. Other colors tent to wash out the glow. We will try it if you ask, but won’t warranty it if it doesn’t work. We cannot tint glow with black or other dark colors. Feel free to email us a picture at if you need to. We cannot guarantee a 100% color match but we usually can get VERY close. Also enter any special instructions such as special cuts in this box.

If you want grass in your blanks Click Here.

Example of a good descriptions:

  • Mint green pearl, ocean green transparent, and blue glow (tinted blue) swirled together.
  • Same as barrel 2301 but add neon green tips.
  • Pastel orange, with a little teal pearl and black mixed in.
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs Maroon & White swirled
  • Black and white stacked 5 layers (black, white, black, white, black)

Examples of bad descriptions:

  • Blue & green swirled (We have over 30 shades of each of these colors)
  • Blue Glow (Do you want regular glow tinted blue? Blue glow not tinted?)
  • Mississippi (To broad)
  • Black & Blue **with stacked colors add on (not enough info)
  • Red Black Green pearl (We have a color named “pearl”. Also this doesn’t explain which colors you want to be pearl.)

NOTE!! Until further notice, if you do not clearly describe what you want, we will use our best judgement to your peril! You have been warned! If we have to email you, it will delay your order!

Stacked Colors, Stripes, & Tips: Stacked, tips, stripes, etc are done a different way than most our blanks. These have to be done one at a time, hence the additional cost for labor. We do our best to keep them straight and even. It is not guaranteed to be perfect. We can do up to 5 layers. If you order tips on a 9″ rod, they will be all the way to the ends. If you ordered stacked on a 9″ rod, it will still only be 5 layers spread out the entire rod. Tips on a matched set will be on one end of the barrel and the end of the insert. Inserts can only be stacked with TWO layers. Barrels can be stacked up to five layers. (Ex red, black, white, red, black). Tips/stacked on a goose set will be the same on each piece. We can’t get an exact thickness on lines, but we can try and get close. Please be VERY descriptive and we will do our best.

Most common asked questions about custom blanks:

Q. Can you do these “insert random colors” colors?

A. 99.9% of the time yes. We can hand mix pigments to get very close.

Q. I need a different size. Can you do it?

A. We have done lots of sizes not listed, so please ask. (Ex. Knife blanks, 2″ diameter rod, etc)

Q. How do I order (insert size we don’t offer)

A. Usually we will look and find which size is closest, have you order that, then make a note of the different size in the comments.