Dog Ash Blanks


Dog Ash Blanks


Please let us know the colors you would like


When your 4 legged hunting partner crosses the rainbow bridge, an awesome way to remember them, is to make a duck call with their ashes cast into it. We have the utmost care and respect when doing this.

We can do these in duck barrels, duck sets, and goose barrels. For duck inserts, we just sprinkle them into the top to help avoid them being in the tenon. These blanks take a considerable amount of work and care to be made, so we have to charge accordingly. These are all cast one at a time.

You can choose up to 4 colors. You can also specifiy if you wanted ashed mixed into a certain color, clear, or all colors. Some colors show off the ashes a bit more, while some colors will not show them at all. Clear with ashes in it will turn almost a mud color.

For duck barrels and goose barrels we need approx 2 table spoons of ash. Sending a little extra is fine but we don’t typically need more than 4 ounces. It is nice to have a little extra in the rare case the blank doesn’t turn out, we have enough to redo it. The powdery ash works better than the smaller pieces, as they tend to sink more.

You will need to send the ashes to us 5393 Dunbar Dr, Grand Blanc, MI 48439 and include your name and order number with them so we know they are yours.

Can we do other blanks or other types of ashes? Yes. We will even do human ashes upon request. We can also cast ashes into other things just contact us and ask!

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Duck Barrel, Duck Set (Barrel/Insert), Goose Barrel, Goose Set