Sleeving Rod – Acrylic

Acrylic Sleeving Rod

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This is a 5/8″ acrylic sleeving rod, with a 1/2″ diameter tenon for gluing. These are super easy to use. Drill a 1/2″ hole through your blank. Epoxy the 1/2″ tenon into the blank. The acrylic rods do vary in diameter, undersized, by 2-3 thousandths. Testing in barrels and jigs and had no issues during testing. Currently only available in clear!

These are awesome because you can now get a complete call from a 6″ wood blank. You can cut the tenon off our insert blanks and have a stronger tenon but still have the awesome colors we offer! These are meant to use an o-ring and do NOT have a taper to them, but you CAN taper your keg to make a press fit.


Main Tenon Dimensions: Length – 3″ Diameter – 5/8″

Sleeving Tenon Dimensions: Length – 1.75″ Diameter – .5″

SHORTS: (These were a mistake. Limited QTY available)

Main Tenon Dimensions: Length – 1.25″ Diameter – 5/8″

Sleeving Tenon Dimensions: Length – 1.75″ Diameter – .5″


These are super easy to use. Take your keg blank and drill a 1/2″ diameter hole through it. Alternatively you can drill shorter and trim the keg tenon to the length you want. Use epoxy (recommended) or glue to glue the tenon into the keg. You will need to cut a small groove for an o-ring or if you want to make it a press fit, taper the bottom of your keg down to 5/8″.

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