Vertical Call Stand – Amber


Vertical Call Stand – Frosted Amber

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This is a small call stand, meant for aid in taking pictures of a call or displaying it vertically. They are made from laser cut 1/8″ acrylic. They have a 1/4″ diameter x approx 1″ peg on the bottom to keep calls from sliding off. Calls can also be placed upside down using the peg. They measure approx 5″ tall by 2″ wide and are sized to fit various sizes and styles of calls.

These come un-assembled. They are made to fit together fairly snug but can be glued as well with CA glue or super glue. Very little glue is needed. They hold together enough without glue that you can display a call with it and then take it back apart if you wanted. Most will have mask on them still that needs to be removed. If the pieces are too tight to fit together, start at a corner and work it through the hole a bit, then they usually snap in. Sometimes it take a little pressure it fit. I tried to keep the tolerances tight so they held well.

Although we will be trying to keep few in stock ready to go, these are typically made to order and please allow 2-3 days lead time to get them cut.

I am listing some various colors, although I can do custom colors with a 5 minimum order. I can get 1000s of colors as well as printed ones to look like wood, marble, or even custom patterns. If you need a special stand, please message me.

Some colors, such as black, will be gloss on one side, matte on the other and can be used either way. Mirror will be mirror on one side, and gray on the other. This doesn’t really matter other than the back piece of the stand.

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