I got my custom jigs Friday and have made two inserts off the second one. They are great, love how beefy they are.  I can’t thank you enough for the customer service and making sure they got here for my ducks unlimited calls. -Zach

I got home from work today to find my Pintail Waterfowl public jig in my mailbox. I was kind of worn out from a long work day but I couldn’t resist. I had to try it out. This is the third jig I have purchased and I want to commend you guys. This is the easiest, best sounding toneboard I have ever made! It took very little sanding after filing it to the jig. It was also the cheapest jig out of the three. Thank you very much.  -Josh

As someone who has made hundreds of calls, I highly recommend all new call makers and even experienced call makers looking to create a new toneboard design to check out Pintail Waterfowl’s public jig.  I have used flat jigs and other public jigs in the past and have never used a jig that is that versatile and that “ducky” right off the jig.   I have never heard a public jig that has more range and more of a raspy tone than this jig.   This jig also allows the call maker to vary the tone channel length to create the level of hold in the call to create the whine and squeal that consumers are looking for in a call.   Save yourself a lot of time and money and use Pintail Waterfowl’s public jig to create your own sound. -Brad McGregor   Mayday Custom Calls

Our stickers look great and we love our calls! -Oklahoma Prairie Tails

Thank to the Pintail Waterfowls Public Jig I have my first all wood call! Thanks Pintail Waterfowl! – Michael Clark – Buzzark Custom Calls

I got the jig & just wanted to say thank you VERY much!  I know this was a drawn out ordeal & I appreciate you working with me to get it done.  The jig works perfectly & I will be letting any of my buddies know where to get one.  Thanks again!! – Doug McCarty

I got your custom jig, made a couple calls off it, and it works great! Ya just stick it in there, cut it out, and start to blowin’! – Ty Black

I have their public jig and couldn’t ask for anything more it’s very versatile – Found Online

I too have a public jig from them and like it well. Great people to deal with! – Winzer Game Calls

Ryan from Pintail Waterfowl is great to deal with and has quick response times to questions you might have – Found Online

Thanks for the Jig! It turned out perfect! First insert cut from it sounds awesome! Took it ducks hunting and pulled the mallards right in. Thanks again guys! -Willow Creek Duck Calls


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