SHIPPING WILL BE COMBINED & REFUNDED FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS!!! If you place more than one order during the sale period, we will refund the shipping from all additional orders so you still only pay one shipping charge!

Random Specials – We will be running random specials. The time of these will not be announced beforehand publicly.  They WILL be announced on Facebook throughout the day! 

Random Refunds! We will randomly pick customers who complete their order and issue refunds (paypal purchases only). We may refund the price of an item, your shipping, or even your entire order!

 Giveaways! Like our Facebook Page for a chance to win special giveaways during the day on Friday!

Example prices throughout the day include: Duck barrels $6-7. Matched sets As low as $12. Public jigs as low as $85. Custom jigs $175. Mandrels $40, plus much more!