This is our most asked question, so I figured I would take a little time to explain the difference in more detail.

The p2 jig, isn’t a “better” jig, so to speak. It is just a different jig. We have many customers that use both jigs, including myself. Setting the jigs next to each other, they are very similar. The differences are very small, but the sounds are still very different.

Simply put, the P1 would be described as a timber jig while the P2 would be described as an open water jig.

The P1 has a better bottom end. It is an easier blowing call. It does a nice feeder chuckle. The downside, is the top end, while you can still get a decent and loud hail call from it, wasn’t ever meant to be wailed on.  It will work with wood or acrylic and can be made as a single or double reed, although I prefer it as a single reed. The cork notch is a hair bigger than the P2, which allows it to fit one or two reeds but can be cut short for a tighter fit. We have sold over 600 of our P1 and it is an easier call for beginner call makers to use.

The P2 makes a harder blowing call. You can easily make this call where you can blow as hard as you can and not lock it up. We designed this specifically for larger open areas and high wind. The bottom end, doesn’t do as well of a feeder chuckle due to the amount of air needed to blow this call but was never designed for that. I prefer it as a double reed call but can be used as a single as well. The cork notch is a hair tighter on the P2. It can be used with wood or acrylic. This jig was designed to make a hunting call rather than a competition style call. I have found it to work awesome in the later season.