While none of our jigs are considered “beginner” jigs, Our P3 jig is not a very “beginner friendly” jig. This jig is intended for experienced call makers. The P3 was designed to be flexible so, we don’t offer the same amount of information for the P3 as we do for the P1.

The most common solution to problems P3 users face, is the drilling depth. Most try and follow the standard 1/2″ rule or follow the specs for our P1 jig and frankly it is a completely different jig so they will not work.

4/10’s of an inch from the end, measured at the thick part of the drill bit (not the tip) is an ideal starting point.

This jig is NOT prone to top end lockup. If you are having problems with it locking up, more than likely your drilling depth is not quite deep enough. This may mean going deeper than the 4/10’s mark or lowering back pressure a bit.

The radius was left with some “meat” on it on purpose. This was something a lot of customers asked for. You can file down quite a bit and still have a good amount of upslope.

The cork notch was left a bit tighter on purpose. You can file on the top of the notch or cut your cork thinner if you need to.