2013 was an excellent year and I would like to thank everyone for their support and appreciate their business. Pintail has grown and changed considerably over the past couple years and we plan to continue that growth into 2014.

We wanted to let you know some of the things we have in the works for the new year. one are 100% set in stone, but all are definitely on the table.

New products we are working on for 2014:

  • Acrylic liquid abrasive finishing kit
  • Bands
  • Goose Call Blanks
  • Turning tools
  • Wood Blanks
  • Pre turned and tuned acrylic inserts
  • P3 Public Hybrid Jig (easily used for timber or open water, single or double reed)

Production Increases:

  • Add an additional casting booth to double casting ability
  • Stepping up production to full capacity

Inventory Control:

  • Casting double of most colors
  • Dedicated machine for making jigs (already in place)
  • Having a back stock of at least 25 P1 and P2 jigs at all times

Website Improvements:

  • Upgrade all store software
  • Fixes to site navigation
  • New look for the site
  • Message Forum
  • Live Help
  • Extended Support Hours
  • Completely redo and finish sister site MakeADuckCall.com with videos and more info

So as you can see, we have quite a bit planned for 2014. We have already begun work on a lot of these to make a big push to have them completed by mid-summer/fall of 2014.