Specs and details on Pintail Waterfowl’s Duck Call jigs

Length front to back: 2.25″

Width side to side:  2.0″

Toneboard Channel Diameter: .625″

Notch height: .18″

Notch Depth: .40″

Toneboard radius: Top Secret!


Pintail Waterfowl Duck Call Jig
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What makes Pintail Waterfowl’s Public duck call jig unique from other public jigs on the market? We designed this jig from scratch. We wanted a jig that that would produce a toneboard that needed very little tuning, had a good, “ducky” sound right out of the jig. This makes a great all around jig for veteran call makers who want to crank out great sounding calls without spending the time and for new call makers who don’t have the tuning experience.

We didn’t just crank our a jig and call it a public jig. We went through three prototype jigs to get the sound we were looking for before finally hitting the nail on the head. Essentially we created a custom jig, then released it as our public jig!

After talking to numerous customers who are currently using our jig, most of them say very little sanding is needed just on the down slope or the radius to get this call to sound great. Most say the sound is very “ducky”.

We are so proud of our public jig, that ALL of our calls that we offer are made right from our public jigs!

If you have purchased one of our jigs and are having any problems getting a toneboard tuned to sound great, feel free to contact us. We work closely with a couple veteran call makers who use our jig regularly and provide lots of advice and feedback to us as far as drilling depth and exhaust shape and we are more than willing to offer this advice to our customers.