Pintail Waterfowl P3 Public Duck Call Jig

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P3 Public Jig

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You asked for it, we made it! The P3 is a different jig than any we have made before. It is a shorter, upslope jig, designed to be a loud, full range, timber call. Some say it blows like a cut down. Some disagree. In testing, we were unable to get the jig to lock up, drilled at 4/10’s of an inch from the end. We left extra meat on the jig, so you can file more if you so choose, and it is recommended. The P3 was designed as a single reed call. This is not to say it won’t work as a double reed but was not tested as one.

The P3 features a slightly tighter cork notch than our P1 public jig so more care must be taken when inserting cork. The overall length is just over 2¬†inches (53mm to be exact)long with a 5/8″ bore. ¬†The set screw is set back as to not push down on the cork notch. The jig is hardened to 60 rockwell.

NOTE** While none of our jigs are “beginner” jigs, the P3 is NOT an easy jig for beginners to learn on. The P1 is a better choice. The optimal dimensions for the P3 are different than the P1. The “help” info featured on our site is strictly for the P1. Please DO NOT try and use the P1 dimensions for the P3 jig. They WILL NOT work.

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  1. Tilmann Williams (verified owner)

    This is an excellent duck call jig. I bought it because i wasn’t happy with the public jig # 1 from webfoot calls. I originally bought the PJ1 from webfoot because i liked the 1 piece design more but it makes some bad sounding calls. I ended up treating it like a flat jig and that’s why I bought the P3. This is a very high quality jig you can cut the calls out to the shape of it and throw a reed into the jig and have an outstanding call.

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