Pintail Waterfowl P1 Public Duck Call Jig

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P1 Public Jig

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Our public duck call jig (toneboard jig) has a real ducky sound. 5/8” bore, hardened to 60 Rockwell to ensure many toneboards can be made from it! Bottom edge measures 2.25″ long. After heat treat and sandblasting, we apply a black oxide coating on the jig to help protect it from rust.

Hear our jig in action!

Another soundfile by Brandon Petty

Instead of just throwing a jig together we prototyped a custom jig then from that created our public duck call jig. This allows for a better sounding call with less work. Still plenty of room to customize the sound.

Keep in mind though, that it IS still a public jig. while the sound right of the jig can be great, you will most likely still have to do some finishing work. Things such as hole depth and reed length allow for a custom sound and some experimentation may still be needed to get the exact sound you want.

We stand behind our products! If you are having trouble with your jig, feel free to email or call us! We are more than happy to walk through your dimensions with you to make sure everything is good and get your jig working perfect for you! You can also see our toneboard specs by clicking Here

Note: This public jig, while more refined than most on the market, is still a public jig. A large part of having a great sounding call still lies in the hands of the call maker. Before blaming the jig as being faulty, please check out our Optimal Toneboard Dimensions here but we are always here to help as well!

1 review for Pintail Waterfowl P1 Public Duck Call Jig

  1. curlcollectorcalls (verified owner)

    Have been making calls for 10 years and decided to take the next step making my own inserts. Great jig was frustrated at first but it has taught me a lot how calls work and should sound. Thanks Pintail for a great product.

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